This TRC10 token aims to simplify how you buy, sell and spend your crypto… and there’s nothing stopping it.

Cryptocurrencies are a gift, they allow you to quickly move resources across the globe at a fraction of what it would cost to send the same amount of money using fiat currencies. That, of course, if you’re someone who’s gone beyond the ‘technical barrier’ which is stopping hundreds of millions of users from entering the crypto space.

Let’s say you need to send $1,000 to your mom. What you’d usually do is to just transfer the money to her bank account using your bank’s app or some sort of third-party service (paypal, cashapp…). These services only ask you for:

  • the recipient’s email / username / account number and…

Why can’t crypto be just as simple as that?

If you needed to send $1,000 to your mom using Bitcoin you’d have to:

  • buy Bitcoin somewhere

And we’re assuming your mom is a tech savvy person who knows how to handle wallet addresses, exploration, confirmations and that she’ll know how to spend / exchange back her Bitcoin for fiat money.

The problem with crypto is that most people don’t know how to deal with all those technical steps and, having all the other simpler methods to spend, save, send and receive money, they don’t see the reward in going through a learning curve just to do something they already do. Right there is where an ambitious brand-new token enters the space:


Apolline (APLN) is a TRC10 token powered by the Tron Blockchain. The project is a social experiment which aims to simplify the way we send/receive crypto. The project’s philosophy is quite pragmatic:

“We believe sending crypto should be as simple as sending a text message”

If I wanted to send you some crypto, having a global username (e.g.: @johnf6) it’s all I should need, and that’s how Apolline will do it. There will be no need to use a banking app or third-party wallet either, a regular Telegram account will do.

Apolline users will create a wallet by just chatting with a bot and then will be able to send funds to their friends by typing a 3-word message.

Apolline’s open source infrastructure will do the heavy lifting, while all users worldwide will enjoy a seamless crypto experience.

The project is ambitious and there are lots of great features coming along the way:

  • Staking pool for earning interest and voting for open source development and project decisions

The success and adoption of Apolline will depend on how quickly the developers behind the project can deliver all the infrastructure required to materialize the project vision. If they stick to the plan there’s absolutely nothing stopping this token from breaking through+US$1 and beating the likes of Shiba, Dogecoin and Safemoon.



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